Why does good web design is important?

The way people view web designs strongly affects the meaning they take away from them. The Gestalt Principle examines this phenomenon. As such, it is one of the fundamental principles that every web designer should consider when moving through the design process.

One must also consider how understanding gestalt will improve your own workflow! For Design Theory and Web Design, try to come up with a good creative design that may seem easy for someone who has attended a design school, but also for the 90% of web designers who have never attended to a design class.

The question remains … What’s the thing that really defines good website design?

Is it just talent? A person who has a kind of “special” eye who knows what works and what does not work? Where is the logic and scientific methodology behind all this that can guide designers, critics and even customers to come up with a grand design.

This is part of a series of design theories that will guide you through the basic principles of the design process. You need to focus on the most important basic ideas that can make big differences in the final design.

Usually, setting up a safe and generally square design will result in a plain design, nothing very creative. Try to always experiment with the “content” of your design. Trying to turn the box a few degrees or cut and change one of the corners … all this adds to the creativity and uniqueness of your design.

When this is done and you and the customer are satisfied with the structure, then your wireline and start working on the details. You will be surprised how many times a design ends up as a carefully colored wire when you start from the inside.

There are several designers who work on the header and navigation, then start laying on the components and before you know you have carefully packaged and nicely put in full page, you need to have some content that can to be from a well-placed and properly colored ergonomic point of view, without neglecting from a design point of view, so as to have a creative final product to stand out from the competition!